Some Audio No-Zen…

A few people in the last couple of years have asked about recordings of some six-week class series I’ve taught at Green Gulch Farm, and I’ve finally had some time to put them up on my site. This short post is just to let whoever reads No Zen know that they are there, in the hopes that the recordings may be of some interest to someone sometime somewhere. Whether or not that’s the case, it has been a nice process for me to review this material I put so much study into and to consider how my Dharma understanding has evolved and continues to.

The class series I’ve done to date are Breath in Buddhist Meditation, Shikantaza Practice and Doctrine, “Enlightenment” in Buddhist Thought and Practice, and Huayan (Avatamsaka) Buddhism. All of them were conceived as more or less broad surveys of Buddhism and Buddhist practice, and try to cover a lot of ground rather than just report the Soto Zen orthodoxy. I’m inspired by the differences in Buddhist perspectives, the variety in the tradition, and looking over these classes it’s clear that’s where I have been coming from. When that wider field is taken as the context, then the standard Soto Zen fare becomes much more rich and meaningful and radical.

Anyway, happy inter-dependence day and please know these recordings are out there.


One thought on “Some Audio No-Zen…

  1. These talks have been inspiring to me, especially to help revive a practice which has felt in a lull as of late. I’ve been putting pressure on myself to plan my next Sesshin, but it’s been difficult to do so given my busy schedule and lack of clarity about what the future holds. I have realized that putting so much stock in Sesshin as the practice left me giving less attention to practice in everyday life. The talks on breath were a potent reminder that the practice is NOW, not to commence the next time I get to Green Gulch or Great Vow or wherever I’ll go for Sesshin next, but NOW. It’s time to practice now and give genoerous attention to what this busy and unclear life is… And in that figurative exhale, that figurative letting go I can die and allow Sesshin to come and meet me when it does as the next logical action in a living, breathing practicing being…
    Thanx, Senor.

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